Bethlehem Walk

Since its debut in 1992, more than 400,000 people have visited Mountain View’s campus for our annual Bethlehem Walk. This immersive, interactive recreation of ancient Bethlehem has become a beloved and much-anticipated part of the Christmas season for our community.

Walk the streets of the city. Sample the dried fruits or the freshly baked bread. See the wood workers crafting tools and furniture. Enjoy some games in the toy shop. See the fashions in the jewelry shop. See ancient skincare techniques at the apothecary (their version of a pharmacy.) You can even haggle with the merchants! Visit the local rabbi at the Synagogue. Experience the tension between the Roman soldiers and the residents of this Jewish city. But make sure you sign the census and pay your taxes to Caesar Augustus!

Enjoy a cup of hot apple cider as you walk through Bethlehem. After your visit to Bethlehem wraps up, we invite you to drop by our Sanctuary for a time of prayer. We will have dedicated people there to pray for you (if you would like them to.)


Want to be a part of Bethlehem Walk?

Email to find out how to get more involved or for more information.